Money Laundering in Florida: Criminal Defense Lawyer

Money laundering is a process where funds that are generated by illegal activities are concealed, disguised, or made to appear legitimate to evade detection, prosecution, seizure and taxation by the government. At the Law Offices of Joseph S. Rosenbaum, clients will receive the attention and information they need to feel confident in the legal representation of any possible money laundering charges.

As with many crimes of fraud, the non-violent nature of the crime does not necessarily translate into lesser penalties. Money laundering crimes typically carry a sentence of up to twenty years in prison and a $500,000 fine or twice the value of the money laundered.

Recently, prosecution of money laundering crime by the FBI and Attorney General's office has dramatically increased because of its suspected link to financing terrorism. More money laundering charges are being levied by the federal government which is devoting more resources toward decreasing the time it takes to convict those accused of such crimes.

As a means of discovering illegal activities, the federal and Florida governments have enacted laws to detect large sums of cash entering legitimate business channels. If you have been charged with money laundering, you need an attorney who is familiar with Florida's money laundering laws and Attorney Joseph S. Rosenbaum has more than 28 years of legal expertise.

Concealing the source of funds placed in a bank account or invested in a business, failing to report large cash transactions, or failing to provide due diligence in determining the source of large amounts of money are all acts that could land you in prison for money laundering.

The government can legally force organizations to forfeit money that can be traced directly to criminal activity, but also any money that is "commingled" with the tainted money. Even if they can trace only a small portion to illegal activity, the government can seize the entire balance of a certain bank account if they can connect it to money laundering.

The complex nature of money laundering cases requires an attorney with extensive experience in this area of the law. After prosecuting similar crimes for over 12 years at the State Attorney's Office and defending these same crimes for over 14 years, Attorney Joseph S. Rosenbaum knows level of scrutiny necessary to successfully defend a money laundering case. He will personally review your financial and business records to determine the best course of legal action for your case. If you need an experienced attorney in defending money laundering allegations in South Florida and the United States, contact Joseph S. Rosenbaum at 305-446-6099.





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